Flag history

The Progress flag was designed in 2018 by Daniel Quasar, a graphic designer living in Portland, Oregon. After seeing some other changes being made to the pride flag to highlight certain issues, such as people of color in the Philadelphia design, Daniel thought to create a new design incorporating multiple identities.

The end result, after many discarded attempts, was adding a chevron to the hoist edge of the flag. When viewing the obverse side (hoist on the left), the chevron points to the right, indicating that progress is being made, but there is more to go.

Each of the new colors have a specific meaning:

  • Black: Remembering those lost to the AIDS epidemic, from the Victory over AIDS flag.
  • Brown: People of color, from the Philadelphia flag.
  • Blue, pink, and white: The colors of the Transgender flag.


In 2021, the Intersex flag was added to the inner triangle by Intersex Equality Rights UK to create a new design.

Sources and acknowledgements

The Progress flag design by Daniel Quasar is used here under a CC (BY-NC-SA) license.