The term "non-binary" refers to any gender identity or expression that does not fit within the established binary of male and female. As such, this term covers a lot of identities and expressions. Some people may prefer to use those more specific terms, whereas other might use non-binary as a way of getting the idea across without feeling the need to explain who they are.

Non-binary people often refer to themselves as "enbies", which is derived from the initialism "N.B." for non-binary.

Non-binary is similar to genderqueer, but differentiates itself by not including the word "queer", which is still seen as a slur in many places. It also is clear in what it achieved: directly stating that the gender binary does not fit who they are.

Flag history

The non-binary flag was designed in 2014 by Kye Rowan as part of a call for submissions for a non-binary flag distinct from the genderqueer flag.

  • Yellow: Being outside the binary. The intersex flag uses yellow for this same reason.
  • White: The color of all colors/light. It represents people who are many or all genders.
  • Purple: Fluidity and multiplicity of many gender experiences, uniqueness and flexibility of nonbinary people, those whose gender experiences include being of or between female and male.
  • Black: The absence of color/light. It represents agender or genderlessness.

Sources and acknowledgements

The non-binary flag by Kye Rowan is used here under a CC (BY) license.