Genderfluid people identify with different genders at different times. This change in identity and/or expression might be periodic, or based on the circumstances they find themselves in (where it may be easier for them to be one gender over another in that situation). Some genderfluid people might flow between a few genders, or might be pulled in different directions without knowing.

Flag history

Designed in 2012 by JJ Poole on Tumblr, the Genderfluid flag was created because they felt the term Genderqueer was too broad for them, but there was a lack of visual identity around genderfluidity. Each of the stripes represents ideas within gender identity and expression:

  • Pink: Femininity.
  • White: A lack of gender (see also: Agender).
  • Purple: A combination of masculinity and femininity.
  • Black: All genders.
  • Blue: Masculinity.

Sources and acknowledgements