Bisexuality is a sexual orientation in which people feel attracted to multiple sexes or genders. Attraction does not have to be equal between genders; a bisexual person may still have a preference for one or more.

Being bisexual does not imply the person believes in the gender binary, in the same way that being bilingual doesn't imply there are only two languages.

Flag history

The bisexual flag was designed by Michael Page in 1998 to bring greater visibility to the bisexual community. He chose to use the colors of an existing bisexual symbol: two overlapping pink and blue triangles, known as the "bi-angles", which were created by Liz Nania. The stripes are of different sizes, unlike most pride flags, with the pink and blue stripes being twice as wide as the purple stripe in the middle.

  • Pink: Attraction to the same gender.
  • Purple: A mixing of the two other colors, symbolic of those attracted to many genders.
  • Blue: Attraction to genders other than your own.

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