Aromanticism is a romantic orientation where people feel little to no romantic attraction. Some asexual people will feel rare romantic feelings (known as grayromantic), or only once a strong bond has been formed (demiromantic). Due to romanticism being subjective, aromantic people may have trouble distinguishing between romantic and platonic affection given by others.

Aromantic people may still have other forms of relationships. Romanticism is a separate concept from sexuality or platonic relationships (such as friendships).

Flag history

The aromantic flag used today was first posted to Tumblr in 2014 by cameronwhimsy. Each of the stripes is assigned a specific meaning relevant to aromanticism:

  • Green and light green: The aromantic spectrum, including grayromantic and demiromantic.
  • White: The "platonic stripe", referring to relationships that are affectionate, but not sexual.
  • Gray and black: The sexuality spectrum, including asexual, allosexual (the opposite of asexual), and all in-between.

Sources and acknowledgements